Our process is comprised of 4 phases.

Research + Strategy

Discussion and discovery process establishing framework for design phase

  1. Get to know everyone
  2. Get a feel for the company
  3. Engage in common purpose
  4. Establish insight and focus on client's needs and project's parameters
  5. Define or refine the following: "brand","positioning","messaging"


Solving the problem and communicating the message

  1. Explore breadth of possibilities
  2. Hone in on depth of solutions
  3. Capture look and feel and establish graphic vocabulary
  4. Consider production opportunities and capitalize on perceived limitations


Enhancing integrity of design solution through production

  1. Determine processes and source vendors
  2. Finalize budgets and solicit estimates
  3. Coordinate production and manage timeline
  4. Quality assurance

Follow Through

Insuring success and continued effectiveness of design solution

  1. Client/user orientation
  2. Archiving
  3. Ongoing services