Todd Foreman

Todd received a BS in graphic design from San Jose State University and founded Public in 1998. With over eighteen years of experience, and an affinity for getting along with just about everyone, Todd leads the creative direction of the firm.

Tessa Lee

Tessa received a BS in graphic design from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and joined Todd at Public in 1998. Tessa helps establish project strategy and favors simple but unexpected design solutions.

Nancy Thomas

Nancy received a BS in Psychology from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, studied graphic design at the California College of Arts while concurrently working at Public, and started full-time in 2000. Nancy brings both wit and quirky elegance to her design and illustration.

Lindsay Wheeler

Lindsay received a BFA in graphic design from Brigham Young University and started at Public in 2001. Lindsay brings a balance of heart and thoroughness to her design and is always inspired and inspiring.

Olivia Basic

Olivia graduated from California College of Arts in 2016. Olivia is perfectly enthusiastic, capable, collaborative and driven—an adept of patterns and naming and well versed in the great outdoors, hot yoga, biking to work, and pop culture.